Equipt Movement


52.250 KD

The UBarre; a stylish and functional piece to fit in with your modern life. Designed to blend seamlessly into your decor as a decorative object, this all-in-one toning tool offers a unique shape with endless versatility. It can be used as an alternative to dumbbells and yoga blocks, or to tone your chest, core, and lateral muscles through isometric hold.

The Ubarre weight comes in 2 sizes and 3 color options. The sleek u-shaped design is available in gold, white, and black. Throw it on a shelf as a statement piece or give your home gym a serious upgrade with this piece that’s art for your body.


- stainless steel


- Ergonomic shape designed for comfort and utility

- 4LB | ~2KG

- 12LB | ~5.5KG


Wipe clean with damp cloth

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