NOX - AT10 Genius 12K Racket by Agustin Tapia 2023

95 KD
The Nox AT10 Luxury Genius is designed by the player Agustín Tapia. It is a teardrop-shaped racket with medium balance designed for advanced or professional players looking for versatility.

Unlike the 18K, this model is made of 12K Carbon, giving it a more rigid feel. The dynamic structure is made using memory HR3 Eva Rubber, while the frame is made of carbon, improving the rigidity and resistance of the racket.

Finally, thanks to the anti-vibration system integrated in the heart, you will enjoy a more comfortable hit, considerably reducing the risk of arm injuries.

The last layer of the face has a rough silica sand surface, which gives you more grip and more spin on all your shots. In addition, the oversize grip will also help your grip and allow you to make your two-handed backhand more comfortable.


Shape Teardrop
Width 38 mm
Weight 360-375 grams
Core HR3 Black EVA
Frame 100% carbon
Face Carbon 12K

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