HEAD - Alpha Pro Racket

47 KD

Bring out the best in your game with the Alpha Pro racket; a model very well compensated for its oversize format and medium balance, so you will have the power and control you need.

With improved performance in a new design in the center heart area that provides greater stability. Graphene 360 is also incorporated into its structure, a highly resistant compound that extends the rackets use.

The core, made up of power foam rubber, will give greater comfort when hitting but without losing any power. We recommend the Alpha Pro to players who compete professionally or at advanced levels looking for a balanced and manageable racket.

Shape:    Teardrop
Level:      Advanced
Game:     Polyvalent
Core:       Power Foam
Frame:     Graphene 360+ / Carbon
Surface:  100% Carbon
Weight:   375 gr.

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