BABOLAT - Air Viper APT 16K Racket 2022

85 KD
Despite its light weight, the Babolat Air Viper provides maximum power thanks to its high quality materials. The surfaces of this new air viper are 16k carbon fiber. Like the rest of the Babolat Viper range, the “full carbon” surfaces give the racquet greater explosiveness and precision.
The racquet's drilling pattern is perfectly matched to its diamond shape to allow you to optimize power transmission on each hit of the ball. It also brings control and precision to the game.
Its 3D Spin + rough finish helps you give maximum spin to the ball while maintaining control of your racquet. It is also made from Multi-EVA technology at its core. This process is a succession of foams of different density. The two stiffer outer layers provide precision and punch while the softer center foam provides comfort and forgiveness. 

Level: Intermediate
Weight: 355g
Width: 38mm
Frame: 100% Carbon
Foam: Multi EVA
Shape: Diamond
Surface: Carbon

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