Face Soft

Active Towel

8 KD

YOUR OWN PERSONAL ECO-TOWEL! Great for Yoga, Fitness and any type of Workout, it’s the perfect Sweat Towel!

Extremely absorbent and Soft like a Cloud®️, the FaceSoft Active towel was designed to fit all your fitness needs and help our oceans. 

There is absolutely no plastic or synthetic microfibers used in the making of our Active Towels, allowing them to biodegrade in landfills and oceans! Made with our unique blend of Aqua-Cotton technology only using high quality long strand, super thin, no twist cotton yarns!

better towel. better ocean. 


-luxurious, 100% natural cotton


Active: 25cm x 20cm

Long thin shape designed specifically for your workout.

Fits perfectly around your neck or you can use as a strap during your workout.  


Machine wash medium heat, light detergent. Dry medium; do not let sit in dryer! Charcoal will naturally re-activate from heat in washer & dryer!

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